I sometimes get invited to speak on topics related to my work. Below is an incomplete list of appearances as invited speaker. 


Online Lecture series on English-medium instruction (together with Paul Kelly). Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan, 3-4 March 2022.


Developing professional support and assessment programmes for English-medium curricula in Higher Education. Interview by Prof. Ute Smit. ICLHE Webinar. Thursday, November 18, 2021: 10:00 – 11:00 (CET)

Internationalization, quality and multilingualism in higher education: A troublesome relationship. Keynote speech at the International Symposium Internationalisation and Intercultural Competence in Higher Education: Quality and Innovation, University of Vic, Spain, 4-5 March 2021.


More inclusion through cooperation. Workshop at the Movetia Annual Higher Education Event 2019, Lugano, 21-22 November 2019.


EMI in the age of comprehensive internationalisation: New opportunities? Autumn Lecture Series, MA Programme in Foreign Language Didactics, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, 20 November 2017.

Guest lecture on quality management of international profiles, Department of English, University of Vienna (Prof. Dr. Ute Smit), Austria, 27 October 2017.

EMI in the age of comprehensive internationalisation: New opportunities? Guest lecture given during the International Week at University of Vic (Spain), 1 July 2017.


Wie können wir Qualität in der englischsprachigen Lehre definieren? Workshop "Qualitätsstandards in der englischsprachigen Lehre" Tag des Lehrens und Lernens, Universität Freiburg, 18.11.2016.


It’s not just a matter of translating your slides! A look at important aspects of EMI, Workshop on English-Medium Instruction, Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, Università degli Studi di Padova, 10 April 2015.


«Gesunder Menschenverstand reicht (nicht) aus» – Gedanken zur Entwicklung von Sprachkompetenz an der Fachhochschule, Inauguration Speech. Wednesday, 4 December 2013. ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences).


Invited resource person at PhD Training Institute in Multilingualism Research, June 18-22, 2012, Univerzita Karlova v Praze (Charles University in Prague), Thematic Area: Language and Economy.


English as a medium of instruction in higher education in Switzerland: outlining the problem, Research Networking Workshop, University of Luxembourg (Prof. Dr. Peter Gilles),15 February 2011.


English as a medium of instruction in Swiss higher education, Event Weltoffen, Zurich Univ. of Applied Sciences (ZHAW International Office, Dr. Frank Wittmann), 4 November 2010.

English as a medium of instruction in Swiss higher education IRUAS Conference Intercultural Competences, HTW Chur, Switzerland, 2-3 December 2010.


Towards a theory of language policyplanning: representations, concepts and contradictions, Department of Linguistics, Charles University Prague (Prof. Dr. Jiri Nekvapil), 2 February 2009.


Contradictions and Discrepancies in Discourses on Multilingualism in the EU, Symposium on Language and Identity, University of Rostock (English Department, Prof. Dr. Birte Bös), 28 June 2008.

Spontaneous Speech in Discourses on Linguistic Diversity: Contradictions, Attitudes and Subject Positioning, Séminaire Linguistique de l'acquisition: les enjeux du plurilinguisme pour le monde de la science, University of Lausanne (Department of General Linguistics, Prof. Dr. Anne-Claude Berthoud), 7 November 2008.